October 2018
  • Mergers & acquisitions

GSCM Group (SOLFAB-DECORTES-BODARD), headquartered in Les Achards (85), is one of the key players in conception, manufacturing and marketing of modular buildings in France.

Generating nearly 50M€ in revenues and employing 230 people, the Group manufactures c. 6 000 units per year, representing an annual cumulative surface area of 100 000 sqm.

The products designed and manufactured by the Group are geared towards a diverse client base, mainly composed of key lessors but also primary schools and high schools, universities, local communities, SMEs, etc.

Supported by the recovery of the construction industry market (project of The Grand Paris, Olympic Games in Paris…) and offering a complete and updated range of products, the Group is experiencing rapid expansion and offers solid growth prospects.

Thanks to the successful acquisitions, initiated by its shareholders, including its founder, Laurent BURDIN, of DECORTES (Lyon) and BODARD (Vendée and Moselle), the Group possesses an excellent national coverage to serve its clients in the best possible conditions.

Lastly, in a market constrained by the regulations being increasingly strict, the need to undertake significant R&D work and the strong requirements of the major order placers, the Group intends to emerge as a key player of the current market consolidation.

ATOUT CAPITAL advised the acquisition of GSCM Group by a key financial partner from Lyon, ORFITE, in the context of a progressive transmission of the Group’s capital.

Philippe FAUQUETTE, managing Director, reinvested in the transaction, along with BNPP Développement, Group’s historical shareholder.

This equity transaction ensures the Group’s sustainability and allows it to open to a new phase of growth, not only endogenously but also through external growth transactions.

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