July 2019
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ALPHA MOS develops olfactory, taste and visual solutions providing critical sensory analysis services based on Volatile Organic Compounds.

In mid-2017 the Group began a deep strategic and operational refocusing. Its business is now broken down into developing two distinct business units.

The first one is a FoodTech activity for which the company offers solution for the measurement of taste, vision and smell mainly for the Food & Beverage industry.

The second business unit is a MedTech activity, through the subsidiary BOYDSENSE, which develops a miniaturized platform analysing breath biomarkers to monitor the evolution of chronic diseases (diabetes, etc).

ALPHA MOS is a global company based in France with subsidiaries in China and the United States. ALPHA MOS is listed on EURONEXT Paris Compartment C (FR0013421286 – AML).

ATOUT CAPITAL has advised ALPHA MOS in the implementation of a capital reduction operation to zero followed by a capital increase of €2.1 million on the compartment C of Euronext Paris.

In addition to a restructured and cleared balance sheet, ALPHA MOS is now, through this financial operation, endowed with additional capital and sufficient cash flow needed to continue the development of its FoodTech activity. The company continues to seek funding for its MedTech activity.

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