May 2018
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Founded in 1993, ALPH MOS develops technologies for industrial uses, that measure et assess the smell, the taste or the colour & the shape of a product with same abilities as human senses.


The company handles a fleet of more than 1 000 instruments spread around the world and implemented mainly in industries such as food and beverage and packaging. The company owns various patents on methods and devices for odor measurement, liquid assessment, quantification of odor intensity and data analysis.

The devices and services offered by ALPHA MOS provide efficient decision tools to departments and laboratories of R&D, quality control, marketing, regulatory affaires and quality assurance of the industrial sector. It allows for greater certainties and better sensory assessment.

Moreover, a large part of ALPHA MOS’s R&D resources are now allocated to the integration of a new technology of micro-sensors for the gas in mass market applications, allowing the company to enlarge its fields of activity and its total addressable market.  

ALPHA MOS is listed on the compartment C of Euronext Paris (FR0000062804-ALM).

ATOUT CAPITAL has advised ALPHA MOS on its fundraising of 5.3€ via public offer with shareholders’ pre-emptive subscription rights being maintained, on Euronext Paris.

The offer has been warmly welcomed with a subscription rate greater than 105%, allowing the extension clause’s activation.

The success of this fundraising will enable ALPHA MOS to strengthen its financial resources in order to assert itself as a major player of the diagnostic and the medical and industrial quality control industry, particularly thanks to its unique electronic nose and tongue solution. 

This transaction has been supported by ALPHA MOS’s main shareholders, the FCPI JOLT TARGETED OPPORTUNITIES, represented by the management company JOLT CAPITAL and AMBROSIA INVESTMENTS AM SARL.

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