December 2012
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  • Equity capital markets

Created in 1990, CONCEPT & TRADITION is a builder of individual homes in the middle to upper price range – €200K to €400K (excluding land purchase). To date, over 200 houses have been constructed by CONCEPT & TRADITION. The company operates in the Ile de France and Picardy regions.

The company had strong growth of over 40% in 2012 with an operating margin of 11.8%. The company’s share capital is listed on the Free Market (ISIN FR°°11374479-MLCET).

Thanks to this transaction, CONCEPT & TRADITION hopes to increase its commercial development with a higher profile for its clients, its potential customers and to the general public, as well. The company is also interested in growth through acquisition in its area of activity and to explore the possibility of new concepts for individual homes such as wooden houses.

CONCEPT & TRADITION also hopes to offer liquidity to all its shareholders. In this context ATOUT CAPITAL accompanied CONCEPT & TRADITION in its direct listing registration on the Free Market

ATOUT CAPITAL (CIF n° E 001758 with the AMF) is a financial services consulting firm providing services to small and medium-sized businesses. It specializes in equity financing operations (IPO, private placements, secondary offerings), M&A (takeover bids, industrial transactions, LBO), debt financing (IBO, bank and private) and insolvency proceedings.

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