October 2019
  • Mergers & acquisitions

HYBRIGENICS is a listed entity on EURONEXT GROWTH market in Paris.

The company carried out a pharmaceutical R&D activity based on inecalcitol and dedicated to the treatment of various cancerous diseases. However, clinical trials have been inconclusive. HYBRIGENICS has thus become a “quasi-empty” legal shell without any new growth prospects.

DMS Biotech carries the development strategy of the DMS Group (listed on Euronext C – FR0012202497 – DGM) in the field of biotechnology, in particular around the treatment of osteoarthritis and regenerative medicine based on the injection of fat stem cells. The take-over of HYBRIGENICS through an asset contribution of its DMS Biotech division, allows DMS Group to acquire a new listed vehicle and to consolidate its Biotech activities.

In that sense, DMS Group will be able to maximize the value of this asset independently from its other activities while indirectly retaining control and allowing new financing possibilities.

ATOUT CAPITAL advised DMS Group in the context of this transaction including negotiations with HYBRIGENICS, structuring, transaction coordination and interaction with the stock exchange authorities.

DMS Biotech asset contribution is remunerated by the allocation to DMS Group of 80% of the capital and voting right of HYBRIGENICS.

Once again, this complex financial and stock market engineering transaction, demonstrates the capacity of ATOUT CAPITAL to offer its clients turnkey solutions to their corporate finance issues.

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