November 2022
  • Fundraising

IMPLANET is a medical technology company manufacturing premium implants for orthopedic surgery.

Its activity revolves around an innovative solution intended to improve the treatment of spinal pathologies JAZZ® complemented by the product range offered by the company ORTHOPAEDIC & SPINE DEVELOPMENT acquired in May 2021. Protected by four families of international patents, JAZZ® has obtained 510(k) regulatory clearance from the FDA in the United States, the CE mark in Europe and ANVISA approval in Brazil. IMPLANET recorded a turnover of €6.1M in 2021.

In June 2022, IMPLANET signed a commercial, strategic and financial partnership with the listed Chinese group SANYOU MEDICAL, the second-largest Chinese manufacturer of medical devices for spine surgery. SANYOU MEDICAL recorded a turnover of €85 million in 2021.

This collaboration intends to facilitate the distribution of IMPLANET’s products in China and to develop a new range of a hybrid fixation system thanks to the combination of know-how and R&D. SANYOU MEDICAL agreed to invest €5 million in 2 tranches in IMPLANET’s capital.

ATOUT CAPITAL assisted IMPLANET in its discussions with SANYOU MEDICAL and in the conduct of its capital increase via the issue of shares with warrants (ABSA) with preferential subscription rights. The operation was concluded with a €2.8m fundraising effort, of which €2.5m was subscribed by SANYOU MEDICAL. SANYOU MEDICAL is also expected to exercise an additional €2.5 m in warrants before March 31, 2023.

This partnership will enable IMPLANET to establish itself as a major force in spine surgery, both in France and internationally, while consolidating its current financial situation.

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