June 2017
  • Fundraising

SEMR, known under its commercial name MAGIC RECYCLE, is a company specialised in the collection, reconditioning and resale of smartphones.  

Founded in 2010 and taken over in 2013 by Yves Goblet and Emmanuel Brossard-Ruffey, the company has successfully developed its activity along two axes:

  • A BtoB offer including a service marketed among insurance companies that offers “as new” smartphones to mobile operators’ insurance for their customers. 
  • A BtoC offer through the resale of repaired mobile phones, either on its website or on different marketplaces.

 MAGIC RECYCLE’s management has successfully implemented the logistics and human tools necessary to handle the various deal flows and manage the expected growth.

 With respect to the financial year ended June 30th, 2017, the company should reach a revenue over € 5M and expects to double the latter within a year.

ATOUT CAPITAL has advised SEMR company for its capital increase of € 1.4M. On this occasion, SEMR welcomes the holding company INTER INVEST ISF 2017, managed by INTER INVEST CAPITAL, as a new minority shareholder of the company along with the managers.

The funds raised should allow the company to finance its development plan and particularly, the growth in net working capital, the consolidation of the IT tool, the recruitment of additional human resources and its European development.

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