December 2016
  • Fundraising

OUEST FUNIMMO is a real estate company with a portfolio of about fifteen real estate assets, located in western France. These assets were acquired over a period of ten years, with different rates, maturities and terms.

Concerned with giving a new momentum to the development of their real estate activity, reducing operating costs and increasing their free cash flow, the partners of OUEST FUNIMMO wished to take advantage of this attractive period in terms of rates to set up a global refinancing and legal restructuring.

ATOUT CAPITAL has advised the partners of OUEST FUNIMMO, historically founders of the SERENIUM Group, for the refinancing of about thirty loans subscribed to a single line of credit. Following a call for tender, this line of credit totaling € 6.5 million was structured by CIC and BNP.

On this occasion, a simplification of the legal organization was achieved by simplified mergers of the various real estate companies with the holding OUEST FUNIMMO.

This operation concludes a global support work over three years with the two founding partners of the SERENIUM Group, which had already led to the sale of the latter to OGF at the beginning of 2016.

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