September 2018
  • Fundraising

PARSYS TELEMEDECINE develops and markets a unique telemedicine solution for remote medical diagnostics.

The offer integrates software blocks developed in house and different devices (patented electrocardiograph, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, glucometer, thermometer, spirometer…) allowing medical diagnosis remotely anytime, anywhere particularly for:

·        emergencies (isolated sites, ships, nursing homes);

·        tele-expertise (connect caregivers).

The Company benefits from an exclusive partnership with MARLINK, world leader in satellite access, a participation of APAX PARTNERS, which integrates PARSYS TELEMEDECINE’s solutions on board shipping companies such as CMA-CGM, GENAVIR, CMN …

PARSYS TELEMEDECINE has drawn up an ambitious strategic plan based on three main pillars: (i) strengthening its leading position in the shipping market, (ii) deploying its telemedicine offering in France, whose development should be accelerated by recent government announcements and (iii) growing up international development with a focus on emerging countries.

With an amount invested from the outset in the project of approximately € 3M, PARSYS TELEMEDECINE, previously supported by various business angels and a well-known family office, has enjoyed a profitable growth in 2017 and anticipates a turnover of more than € 3.5M in 2018.

ATOUT CAPITAL has advised PARSYS TELEMEDECINE and its shareholders in its fundraising for a total amount of € 4.0M to enable the Company (i) accelerate its growth, (ii) maintain necessary innovation’s investments and (iii) anticipate build-up operations.

In this transaction, ODYSSEE VENTURE contributes € 2.0 M to finance this new step of development. The balance of the financing exercise being carried out equally by banks (BPI FRANCE and CREDIT COOPERATIF) and the conversion of partners’ current accounts.

This particularly structuring operation for PARSYS TELEMEDECINE should enable it to strengthen sales and technical teams, drive the road map and achieve the sales pipeline registered in this rapidly growing telemedicine market in France and abroad.

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