October 2021
  • Mergers & acquisitions

RECIF TECHNOLOGIES is an international group, specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of automation equipment for wafer handling, used by semiconductor fabs.

RECIF TECHNOLOGIES has more than 30 years of recognized know-how, making it not only visible, but also a key player in the industry. From its headquarters in Blagnac, France, the Group, led by Alain JARRE, has a worldwide presence with offices in Asia and the USA. Its customers are the main Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese semiconductor manufacturers.

Since 2008 and the takeover by Alain JARRE, RECIF TECHNOLOGIES has undergone a major transformation from a highly integrated model to a fab-lite model. In addition, the strategy of continuous innovation associated with a regionalization of the supply chain has given the Group superior technological performance and reliability attributes. This has given it a prime position in a market contested by a few American and Asian players.

ATOUT CAPITAL advised RECIF TECHNOLOGIES’ shareholders on the reorganization of its capital. On this occasion, YOTTA CAPITAL PARTNERS and SOFIOUEST are taking over from the investors who entered during the MBO structured around Alain JARRE’s project in 2017. BNP PARIBAS DEVELOPPEMENT, BPIFRANCE as well as SOPROMEC and G21 (GORGE family) have thus officially left the company. In addition to the investments of YOTTA CAPITAL PARTNERS and SOFIOUEST, the Group’s partner banks complete the financing of the operation.

With the arrival of the new shareholders, RECIF TECHNOLOGIES’ ambition is to continue its growth in a context of strong demand for semiconductors which favors the establishment of new fabs and the increase of investments in automation equipment.

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