January 2017
  • Fundraising

TREVES is a first-class supplier for the automotive industry, specialising in vehicle’s thermal et acoustic environment. This industrial group with strong international prestige is spread over 17 countries via 30 offices and employs 5000 people.

With a turnover reaching more than 600 million euros, Treves has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers of the industry: PEUGEOT-CITROËN, RENAULT, NISSAN, VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, GM, FIAT–CHRYSLER, HONDA, FORD, JAGUAR, LAND–ROVER, TOYOTA…. In a global and highly competitive market, the group has become a key technological partner for its contractors by placing technological innovation and economic and ecological efficiency at the heart of its product’s development.  As such, he is an important patentee every year in France and around the world.

Founded in 1836, TREVES is controlled by the eponymous family, who was joined, in 2009, by the French FONDS AVENIR AUTOMOBILE (FAA).

ATOUT CAPITAL advised TREVES in the implementation of its fund raising of 70 M€ in the form of a Euro Private Placement (Euro PP). This loan is structured into three tranches: one amortized loan and two bullet loans of 6 and 7 years’ maturity.   

BANQUE INTERNATIONALE in LUXEMBOURG (BIL CIB Structured Finance & Syndication) was the sole arranger of this fund raising for which two other international banking institutions and two French institutional funds participated.

This operation is in line with a logic of refinancing its historical bank loans and allows TREVES, by extending the maturity of its debt, to obtain stable resources. It also gives the group the ability to support its growth and finance its investments.

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