July 2022
  • Fundraising

Founded twenty years ago, HUMANS MATTER is a cognitive design company whose purpose is to create sustainable behavior changes.

HUMANS MATTER is implementing a new scientific approach on healthcare to act on the individual ability to act. This approach is based on the development and coordination of a unique pathway that combines care, learning process and collaboration supported by a new measurement system.

HUMANS MATTER is an exclusive combination of professions and skills: researchers and experts in cognitive science, pedagogy, digital and data scientists, all working together to develop cognitive skills and act on the ability to act. HUMANS MATTER is a unique reference in France and in Europe as an actor of cognitive design.

The group is active in 3 countries (France, USA, and Hong Kong) and has 4 offices in France (Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, and Toulouse). End of 2021, HUMANS MATTER achieved a consolidated turnover of 17 M€. HUMANS MATTER’s shares are listed on Euronext Access Paris (FR0004175222 – MLSBT).

After leading the fundraising on behalf of the Holding of the group’s managers in July 2021, ATOUT CAPITAL advised HUMANS MATTER for its fundraising of €3.0m with SOCADIF CAPITAL INVESTISSEMENT.

 This transaction has a double objective (i) to allow HUMANS MATTER to initiate, during the second half of 2022, a voluntary repurchase offer on the shares held by the public and (ii) to finance its research and development activity and its external growth transactions.

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